Our story

We are SlooOW and we bake the tastiest and very best 100% natural & organic bread for you!

About 3 years ago, 3 people sat together at the table with the thought: How do we get the very best and healthiest bread accessible to everyone in the world? That’s when we created SlooOW: delicious 100% natural & organic sourdough bread to bake at home. And our mission is to make this very best and most sustainable baked bread available to everyone in the world!

24 Hours

As our name suggests, our organic bread really gets the time to develop itself. And that is slightly different from the bread that is often put together in only 3 hours. Because everything has to go faster and faster. And that comes at the expense of taste, structure and craftsmanship. We at SlooOW do not like fast. We like bread that tastes like real bread. Organic bread made with the best quality of organic ingredients. But our most important ingredient, that is time. A lot of time. We give our bread more than 24 hours to develop!

SlooOW organic bread has a natural, long fermentation process of flour and water, as the Egyptians discovered. This gives you bread with a light structure and there are flavor aromas released that are necessary to create the very best taste. Our bread is then baked in a stone oven so that it has a nice, crispy crust. And we take no less than 24 to 30 hours for that! Real quality-time!

100% Natural

Our health is the most important. That is why we only use 100% natural and organic ingredients for our SlooOW breads. Let nature do its work again, so that bread becomes incredibly delicious again. SlooOW uses the laws of nature. Our products are produced organically and fairly and we work with specially selected suppliers. Only the very best grains are good enough!

Stone Oven Baked

Our organic bread is baked on a stone oven floor, which creates a delicious crispy crust. In combination with our 100% natural and organic ingredients and our most important ingredient time, this ensures a fantastic flavor aroma. SooO delicious!

Why is the ‘time’ factor so important?

  • Taste and scent aromas are released
  • No unnecessary additives needed
  • An airy structure arises naturally
  • Easily digestible due to shorter cut gluten

Fresh Home Baking

SlooOW sourdough bread to bake at home is available in different varieties of baguettes and rolls.

We have “longer shelf life wrapped” bread, so that you always have it in stock at home for those moments when you feel like it. In no time at all you can bake the rolls and baguettes yourself fresh whenever you want.

Remove the rolls or baguettes from the packaging and bake in a preheated fan oven at 200 °C on the middle shelf. In this way – depending on which type of bread you choose – you get the tastiest organic bread, really fresh at the kitchen table, within 10 to 12 minutes.

SlooOW bread can be ooO so delicious!


SlooOW is a brand of the Pandriks Group, existing of Pandriks Bake Off B.V. in Meppel (Holland) and Bio Breadness GmbH in Fulda (Germany).

Bread used to taste much better: this was the starting point of the development of Pandriks Bake Off. A unique process in which the dough rises for an average of 24 hours. In which it is baked on a stone oven floor and in which only 100% natural raw ingredients are used.

Pandriks makes use of ancient production process in combination with future technology. This results in pure, highly-digestible products made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. In short: the best in bake off!


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